Kuhli Loach

Kuhli Loach: Bottom Feeder Aquarium Fish.

Today’s Species is about a fish that I never get to see. I don’t know if you guys have any of these, but I want to talk about a species that is great for a plant tank. They root around in the roots and substrate; and it is always good to get that stuff kind of mixed up. It is like how earth worms are good on garden soil and aerate it. This is a similar kind of thing with a plant aquarium, go figure. I want to talk today about Kuhli Loaches.

Obviously, I am not doing video of my actual Kuhli Loach because I have one and you can just barely see it. I did see my Kuhli Loach the other day and I want to talk about them because I think they are pretty tight. Kuhli Loaches come from Indonesia and the Malay peninsula and they are mainly nocturnal. I saw mine in the early morning after I did a feeding. They say that they can live up to ten years and I have mine for five years since I got it from a guy named John. He was like, “Yo, I got this cool Kuhli Loach”. My Kuhli Loach—and you will see it in the video—see how they have this gray pattern here? These patterns vary. They have some with all spots and some with all lines and I don’t know if they are bred like that or captured. Mine is actually all pink, so it has a bar right here and then the rest of it is all pink. So it is pretty crazy looking because it is just all pink. I don’t know if it is a recessive gene or if it is just crazy looking. They do come in a lot of different varieties and they can handle a pH of 5-7 and I think I have seen mine in 8. I didn’t really notice,but they have spikes underneath their eyes and you see this in a lot of the loach species.

I had a botia angelicus—and I would love to get another one of those, by the way. And they have the little spikes that pop out if someone gets near them. That is a fish that is more out there and not as nocturnal as the Kuhli Loaches. They are egg layers, they cruise around and are really beneficial in a planted tank. I highly recommend them. They like to be, not in schools exactly, but they are a social fish so I have seen them swim around together and it actually looks pretty cool. You see them swim together, in and out of each other, which is not really a behavior you see a lot with fish. I may get some more of them to see if they come out a little more. Definitely pretty cool. A tip for you all—if you want to catch your Kuhli Loach, because it is hard to see them, and you can rarely ever catch them. This is how they do it at the breeders by the way. Get a big, long, skinny PVC pipe and cap one end of it. Put a tiny little hole so that the water can go out, but the hole is smaller than the Kuhli Loach. Put a tiny little hole there and then put some food at the bottom of that. So what you will do is have a big, long tube with a cap on the end and a tiny little hole that the Khuli Loach cannot get out of, put foo din the bottom—and this works for all kinds of bottom feeders by the way—the fish will swim in there and you will lift the other end of the tube. The water will run out and you will have your fish caught in there. It is definitely easier. I have tried it just once or twice because I don’t move those fish that much.

So that is what’s going on. I am excited to show you guys the greenhouse because it is looking pretty good right now. I will grab the old camera and show you what is going on. We will start with the first tank over here because you guys just saw that one. Let’s get the tripod off here. So Bryan deserves all of the credit. I am trying to get Bryan’s bio up on Aquatic Jungles. He has just done such a great job and I have to give him all of the credit in the world. We started this tank from nothing. We have java fern, ludwigia, wisteria plantwisteria, rotella, all will be pearly in a little bit. I wanted to show this to you because this is something that I do. This greenhouse gets way, way, way too much light and in a tank like this it will just bounce off the bottom or whatever and cause a lot of algae problems. So we have that covered, but you can see that that tank is looking pretty baller. We have some swords over here and some elodea and some rainbows. I need to bring more rainbows out. And we’ve got some anubias that we just got in which I am really pumped about. We’ve got some great looking species. Those of you who are friends with me, Dustin’s Fish Tanks on Facebook, give me a like for the picture of Bryan holding all this anubias. Gotta give the man credit. If you need more anubias, I got you, bro.

This tank we actually have covered as well and this other fish tank over here, I just love it. Ack, I hate that glare. There is that glare on there. But, yea, the goldfish tank is just looking great. Bryan came over and he was just, “Yo, we got to get these swords sinking better. ” We were putting the weights on to sink them, but it just wasn’t working very well. So we just slightly rubberband-ed it to weighted down PVC pipe and the goldfish just love it. And I love staring at it. I keep the top open just because we are using the camera. I normally keep it closed because the goldfish come up—of course not now because they won’t on cue for the camera—and they are like, “What’s up, dude? Feed us. ” So you can see all of the poop they have there on the bottom which makes it really easy to clean. By the way, when cleaning these tanks we used big, huge water changes and let them sit for five minutes or so. Here is one of the Gerbers I got up in Dayton. We’d let it sit for 5-10 minutes or so and then scoop up all of the stuff that settled. I think that is important as well. I had a little debate between Bryan and I on this tank of whether to put the anubias up here. You wanted the anubias up here, but I thought it got too much light so we put in the dwarf sag. And I just put in some of it, but it is not for sale because I am going to really let it get growing here. So that’s fun. Oh! Then, so yesterday, epic, epic day. Look, this is for the 14/15 year old young guys who are always like, “I got no money, whatever, whatever, whatever”. This is important. During the summer, get up early, get ten bucks in your pocket and get on your bikes and get to the garage sales. Get up early, you’ll thank yourself later. Get up early and get to a garage sale. Look what I scored yesterday at a garage sale for a total of 15 bucks. For a total of 15 bucks. I got this 29 gallon tank with the gravel—I actually added a few pounds of black gravel that I already had—with this lid that I don’t like because it’s metal, but I am using it so whatever and with this filter which is actually working all right. I got this tank, filter and lid for 5 dollars. Like uno, dos, tres, quatrocinco. Like five bucks, okay? Five bucks. You got to find them and negotiate like this. If they are not marked, you should ask what they are asking for that and have a number in mind for what you really want to pay. I was going to pay five or ten, so when he said five I was like sold. A lady from Lexington, Paula, also looked at the fish tank and the guy was like, “Sorry, I already sold it to this guy”.

It doesn’t stop there, folks. The fun continues, right? I was running in the morning up the street because I’ve got to get my energy going and I found this at a garage sale. Check it, check it, check it out! I didn’t even need it because I have enough stuff going on, but I had to have it. And you have no idea what I paid for it, folks. Ten bucks. Ten dollars. So I am going to dig it in when I get the time and have a little extra goldfish so, ten bucks folks. Go to garage sales. You owe it to yourself to go to garage sales early in the morning and find the deals. Ask them if it holds water and if you can, have them fill it up with water there. Garage sales are where you find good deals, so I can’t believe I didn’t start talking about that stuff earlier.

So then I want to show what else we got going on here. We have the crypt tank that I threw a bunch of crypts in and have some lotuses. I am actually going to be selling some lotus out of my 220 which is looking good by the way. Cryptocoryne plant Crytocoryne, Usteriana, we’ve got some Bolbitis over here that I am real pumped about as well. And then I wanted to show this as well. We’ve got two separate java moss tanks. I’ve Taiwan moss and flame moss in. So I am fixing the flame moss and the flame moss has already started to grow so I am really pumped about that. So we just really did a good job. Bryan just really nailed it. He cleaned out every tank and got everything looking real good. And of course we have jungle val and I have giant sag in the back there separated out real nice for you all.

So just really excited and I just had to show the tanks looking as good as they are. And I’ve got star grass in here separate because when I usually get star grass, it sucks and withers back. So it is in its own tank so if it melts—which it will and this tank isn’t dirted by the way—it will only mess up this tank. So we will just have to clean out this tank and we won’t have to have the star grass mess all over everything else. So this is just going to be a beautiful day, early morning video, frolicking in the greenhouse. Just great looking swords, great looking anubias, great looking sunshine on my face and I am excited about it. I hope everyone is just having a great week. If you like this video,give me a like and subscribe. Hit me up on Facebook and I am having an absolute blast. I love y’all, make it a good week.