The Aulonocara Aquarium

Aulonocara are the most colorful freshwater fish. they’re so popular amongst aquarists because of their flamboyant colors and their peaceful behavior. Today we are talking about the Aulonocara group of Lake Malawi cichlids. What is an Aulonocara? Well the term is used both as a group of cichlids that means many genus together. And as

Kuhli Loach

Kuhli Loach: Bottom Feeder Aquarium Fish. Today’s Species is about a fish that I never get to see. I don’t know if you guys have any of these, but I want to talk about a species that is great for a plant tank. They root around in the roots and substrate; and it is always

Hydor 250 Canister Filter Review and Setup

So today we’re going to be setting up the Hydor 250 to replace my Eheim 2211 classic canister filter. The filter has done an okay job, but in the planted aquarium behind me it’s not been giving me the flow rate I need in order to keep the algae and things off the plants so

How to Breed Discus fish

Topic we’re going to cover is how to breed discus. In this article I’m going to share with you my experience with breeding discus. It wasn’t too long ago where I had a few breeding pairs and established a breeding program that produced about a thousand discus fry. Why you want to breed discus doesn’t

How to Survive an Aquarium Power Outage

Today I want to teach you how to survive a power outage. Obviously there’s lots of ways, there’s lots of videos. What I want to bring you today is a kit you can make that sits underneath your aquarium on a stand, waiting for you to need it. So get yourself a tote, something that

How to Set up a Freshwater Fish Tank With SafeStart+

How to setup a freshwater fish tank with fish in it using SafeStart+. No waiting. We’re talking about freshwater tropical fish tanks. Now this is my fish tank. It’s brand-spanking-new. It doesn’t look too good because the water is a little hazy but the first thing that I do when I’m setting up a fish

10 Ways to KILL Your Aquarium Fish

Look I’ve killed fish you’ve killed fish we’ve all killed fish but these are my top ten fastest ways to kill your aquarium fish. Ways to kill your fish quickly like avoiding the nitrogen cycle and not letting the beneficial bacteria build up. You gotta let it build up folks. People try to rush their

How to Keep and Care for Oscar Cichlids

🐟 How to Keep, Care for Oscar Cichlids A popular fish, the Oscar has a character that you will always appreciate. Let’s discover him together! Astronotus ocelatus is a tropical freshwater fish native to South America. He can be found along the Amazon river from Peru to Brazil. He takes he’s name from the small

Fish Room Auto Water Change System

DIY Fish Room Auto Water Change System Over the last few years I’ve accumulated. . . a number of aquariums. I’ve got a 220 gallon display tank. Seven 40 breeders,Two 55s, Six 10s,and a 33 long. So I find myself doing a lot of water changes. And I have a job, and a family, So

Ten Large Aquarium Fish

Top 10 Aquarium Fish that grow to Large Sizes We all sometime might have kept fishes in aquarium for seeing their vivid color and watching them swimming in water is a relaxing experience after all. And there are those fish keeping hobbyists that like to grow giant fish or you call the monster fish keepers.