Ten Large Aquarium Fish

Top 10 Aquarium Fish that grow to Large Sizes

We all sometime might have kept fishes in aquarium for seeing their vivid color and watching them swimming in water is a relaxing experience after all. And there are those fish keeping hobbyists that like to grow giant fish or you call the monster fish keepers. Now there are both aggressive and non-aggressive fish that grow to large sizes. In this article I will tell you about the top 10 aquarium fish that grow to large sizes so stay here and keep watching. Number

Number 10, Common Goldfish

Large goldfish are destructive in the wildGoldfish are close relatives of Koi, in fact they are domesticated wild carp so these fish are also never released in wild like the koi fish because they cause mass destruction of water ways. These fish are also called feeder fish or feeder goldfish and come in a variety of colors. There has been record of this fish reaching to a maximum size of 12 inches or more. Common Goldfish and the goldfish-koi hybrids are often kept in big ponds when they grew up.

Number 9, Bala Sharks

Silver shark can grow to large sizes in a suitable aquariumBala Sharks also called tricolor shark, tricolor shark minnow, silver shark, or just shark minnow are active freshwater fish which resembles shark in its outline. They have beautiful metallic silver body with yellow and black dorsal and caudal fins. They prefer dense vegetation with rocks and driftwood and a large aquarium when kept in captivity. They can grow to maximum size of 14 inches or more if proper care is given.

Number 8, Tiger Oscar

Tiger oscars are much loved by aquaristsAlso sometimes called velvet cichlid and marble cichlid, tiger Oscars are popular aquarium fish in Europe and US. If kept in larger aquarium with proper care and conditioning, tiger Oscar can live for more than 10 to 13 years and grow as much as 36 cm long. In wild however there has been report of tiger Oscar reaching up to 17. 7 inches. They are usually feed pellets and small shrimps when young however as they grow up they like guppies, goldfish and worms. There are also albino Oscar varieties as well.

Number 7, Plecostomus

Bigger Plecostomus will consume other tank inhabitantsPlecostomus, pleco, or plec is a common suckermouth tropical loricariid catfish commonly sold as aquarium fish. They are good tank cleaners when young however they attack and eat other fishes when they grow to large sizes. They live for 10 to 15 years when kept in aquariums and seldom reach more than 12 to15 inches. They are however fast growers and in wild plecos are found that reached more than 24inches in length

Number 6, Clown Loaches

Clown loach can grow to 20 inches longClown Loaches or tiger botia are tropical freshwater fish that feeds on worms, brine shrimps and snails are their favorite. Clown loaches are often seen resting on their side and remaining motionless due to this they are often considered sick. So if you see them like this don’t bang on aquarium glass as they be resting and it can alert other fishes too. Clown Loaches can live for very long time that is 10 years or more if given good water conditions. These fishes also get very big and need bigger tanks when they become adult, There has been reports of Clown Loaches as big as 16 to 20 inches.

Number 5, Koi

Koi carp can grow to huge sizesKoi fish especially the nishiki koi are colored varieties of koi and the bigger koi are expensive to buy and eat. They are mostly kept in ponds and can get used to wide range of temperature ranges. However regular water conditioning is essential as the fish waste can easily make water toxic for them. Koi usually live around 20 or 30 years when they are kept in good quality ponds. The oldest Koi on record was named Hanako. It is estimated that it lived to about 226 years old. Koi can reach sizes of 34 to 36 inches that is very large much larger than a 50 gallon tank.

Number 4, Arowana

Arowana are agressive and predatoryArowana are freshwater bony fish also called bone tongue fishes. Arowana especially Asian arowana are very expensive while silver arowana are comparatively very cheaper. These fishes are usually predatory and aggressive fish and needs their own large aquariums or prefer large ponds. Arowana can live for 10 to 20 years in aquariums and can grow to massive 48 inches. Arowana are fast growers and need special diet of shrimps, prawns and crickets or worms.

Number 3, Red tail Catfish

Redtail catfish will eaat anything offeredRedtail Catfish are known by many names, in Venezuela it is known as Cajaro and in Brazil it is known as Pirarara. This fish is quite common in the aquarium trade. Red tail Catfish are tropical fish and an omnivorous scavenger and they feed on anything you put into the tank. But it is recommended to feed them with brine shrimps, pellets, bloodworms etc. When they grow to larger sizes they should be moved to ponds. Red tail Catfish live for 8 years. There have reports of red tail catfish reaching 60 inches and weighing about 80 kilos. Also a red tail catfish of 18old  years has been discovered.


Number 2, Gar Fish

The biggest gar is the Alligator garGar fish is another freshwater fish of elongated mouth full of sharp teeth. They are predatory fish and hunts on other small fishes. In aquariums they prefer their own larger tanks and when grown they are usually kept in ponds or large tanks with sufficient space. In the wild they are active night hunters that feed on surface fish and even small mammals but not yet reported to be harmful to humans. All gar grow to large sizes but alligator gar grows to much larger sizes and is a passive and seemingly sluggish solitary fish but it is voracious ambush predator. Gar fish normally grow to 78 inches. The largest alligator gar ever caught has size of around 96 inches in length and weighed above 125 kilos, it was caught near Rio Grande in Texas.

And at Number 1 is Arapaima

Arapaima grows to 200 poundsThe Arapaima, pirarucu, or paiche is a large species of bony tongue fish like arowana. It is often consumed as important food and their numbers have declined in recent years either due to overfishing or habitat loss. Arapaima varieties usually have hard scales that even the sharp teeth red belly piranhas can’t bite through. Maximum size recorded in case of arapaima till now is 108 inches weighing as much as 200 kg. So if you’re keeping it in aquarium better start building a bigger pond or plan to release them in lakes or big rivers as they can easily outgrow any large aquariums they usually have a lifespan of 15 to 20 years. Now if you like to keep fishes that grow to large size and have your own well maintained pond or lake then you certainly might like to grow one of these giant fish. And growing them is certainly growing up yourself with proper care and conditioning because some them has larger lifespan.

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