Top 20 Most Beautiful Fishes in the World

Top 20 Most Beautiful Fishes in the World

Beautiful fishes remind us of the unique creations of nature that exist in oceans and rivers. There are some really exotic and beautiful fishes that exist in the world. They have their own unique features and habitats that they live in and often kept as beautiful pets in aquariums. So without further due I bring to you the Top 20 beautiful fishes that exist in the world.

Trigger FishAt number 20 Is the Trigger Fish Most commonly found in the Indo-Pacific. Has an oval-shaped body, and large head that includes a very powerful mouth that it uses to crush shells. It is known to have very short memory. But they are intelligent and can learn from past experiences. It mostly feed on sea weeds and sometimes other small fishes, plankton and algae.

Lined Butterfly fishAt Numer 19 is the Lined Butterfly fish Lined butterfly is one of the largest of its species, it lives in the Red Sea all the way to South Africa. It can also be found in Huawai and Southern Japan. This fish features a spectacular mix of black, white and yellow as well as a series of vertical lines transversing its body. It can grow up to 12 inches, which is quite a lot for butterfly fish. It feeds on invertebrates, algae and coral polyps. You can expect to buy the full grown butterfly fish for above 150$ and most fishes in this list come in 100 to 200$ price range.

Snakeskin DiscusAt number 18 is the Snakeskin Discus One of highly popular fish found in large numbers in the Amazon River. It flaunts a bluish color on a red background. When it is kept in captivity it requires a highly filtered space and special attention as it eats only a certain type of foods. It is carnivorous and needs special pellet food, freeze dried bloodworms and other meaty frozen meals.

Regal TangAt number 17 is the Regal Tang. Regal Tang has a blue and black colorway with a complementary yellow tail. This fishes can grow up to 12 inches long and it features a small scale and pointy nose. The regal tang is also found in aquariums it feeds on plankton but most members of its species are omnivorous so they nibble on algae as well. It has a strong odor so it is often used as a bait for fishing.

Puffer fishAt number 16 is the Puffer Fish. Puffer Fish is the second most poisonous fish just after the golden frog. However it is often used as delicacy in some countries like China and Japan where the chefs need to separate the edible parts of the fishes in order to prepare the dish. It is said that only sharks are immune to puffer fish poison. This fish in under water moves slowly and frightens its enemies by filling its stomach with water and gaining volume and appear to look more threatening.

Pseudanthias TaeniatusAt number 15 is the Pseudanthias Taeniatus. Pseudanthias Taeniatus is a beautiful reef fish that exist in various colored species mostly in red and white color. They are found in the Red Sea at depths ranging between 32 and 164 feet. This fish can grow up to 5.1 inches and is one of the most eye catching fishes for the sea divers.

Lyretail AnthiasAt number 14 is the Lyretail Anthias. Commonly called as Sea Goldie this gorgeous fish can be found in the Indian Ocean. It shows off a beautiful colorway comprising of orange and yellow. Male lyre tail have long antennae like extension on their dorsal fin. It can grow up to length of 5.9 inches and it feeds mostly on zooplankton. They are also a main attraction for sea divers.

French angelfishAt Number 13 is the French Angelfish This gorgeous large angle fish features a dark colorway complemented by yellow stripes. It can grow up to 15 inches. It inhabits the Western part of Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean Sea. It feeds mainly on sponges. Although they look great in sea water but they are often sold in market for their tasty flesh. They are however least concern species as of now.

Flame AngelfishAt number 12 is the Flame Angelfish. It is one of the most popular dwarf angle fish variety, which is very eye catching due to its bright coloring. It flaunts a gorgeous orange-red colorway, but it also features five black vertical lines on its sides as well as black and purple-blue touches on its rear fins. It has a life span of up to 7 years. It is native to the tropical waters of the Pacific Ocean and feeds on crustaceans and algae.

Blueface AngelfishAt number 11 is the Dwarf Gourami The Dwarf Gourami is the native Gourami species found in South Asian Countries like India and Pakistan, however due to its popularity it came into the hbby in numerous other parts of the world. It mostly feeds on meat and algae and only reaches a length of 2 inches unlike the giant gourami video you might have seen in second largest aquarium video that was shared on our channel. Dwarf Gourami come in attractive colors of translucent blue shades and dark orange stripes.

/>Blueface AngelfishAt number 10 is the Blueface Angelfish It flaunts a spectacular combination of blue,yellow and pale blue shades. However the younger species of the blueface angel are recognized for their six white bars and pale blue lines, while their caudal fins flaunt two tons of blue. So it’s all blue on the face of the angel. It feeds on coral reefs of Maldives, Japan, Taiwan and Indonesia. It inhabits the shallow waters of the Indo Pacific. It can also be found in lagoons at depths of up to 82 feet. Now how surprising is that?

At number 9 is the Rainbow Parrot Fish The Fish got his name due to the bird like beak and face like of parrots. Rainbow parrot fish flaunts a blue, green, purple and pink shades complemented by yellow spots. The fish feeds on corals by nibbling on them and splits it into pieces leaving quiet a mess around the coral floors. It mostly eats the invertebrates found in the coral. It is now a threatened species that is about to become extinct.

Lion fishNumber 8 is the Lion Fish It is one of the most attractive but quite poisonous fish that live in the waters of the Indo Pacific. They are colored with white red or brown spines mostly but they are known to exist in various other color types as well. The spines of the lion fish help them defend against its enemies. The contact from these spines is very painful and venomous but they are not too harmful for humans but can cause irritation and breathing problems.

Moorish IdolNumber 7 is the Moorish Idol. The Moorish Idol is yet another beautiful marine fish that is found in the Indian Ocean, Japan and South Africa. It features a disk like shape with several attractive white, yellow and black stripes on their body. They are social animals and move around in large groups. They live on coral reefs and are mostly found in shallow waters.

Clown Trigger fishAt number 6 is Symphysodon Discus They are bit rounder fish that has beautiful sides adorned with unique and beautiful pattern of white, blue or brown. Symphysodon discus fish shows intelligent behaviors in displaying of different moods. They can grow to about 8 to 10 inches in length and height. They are very social and always moves in groups. Sea turtles and large fishes are the main predators of the discus fish.

Clown Trigger fishAt number 5 is the Clown Trigger fish. Clown Trigger Fish is yet another spectacular species that has oval shaped body with different color all over the body. Clown Trigger Fish have strong, tough teeth that help them to catch prey like crabs very easily. It can grow up to 19 inches that is almost the size of a ps4 console. There are 40 different species of clown trigger fish native to the eastern Pacific Ocean.

Banggai cardinal fishNumber 4 is the Banggai cardinal fish. This beautiful fish is endangered and found in the Banggai Islands of Indonesia. They inhabit the shallow waters across the island. They are only 8cm in length and look very attractive with beautiful pattern of black and white bars. The main difference between a male Banggai cardinal fish and female is the enlarged oral cavity. They mainly feed on plankton and copepods.

Clown fishAt number 3 is the Clown Fish. It is one of the most attractive fish found in all coral reefs. They have an attractive orange body with three brighter distinctive white bars. All clown fish are born as males and they transform their gender as they mature. It can grow up to 7.1 inches while some grow only up to 3.9 inches. There are total 28 different species of clown fish, some of them having entirely different color.

Juvenile Emperor AngelfishNumber 2 is the Juvenile Emperor Angelfish. This another spectacular colored marine fish that features a superb colorway consisting of dark blue, white and electric blue blend. These patterns are neatly arranged in circular patterns which remains as it is until the fish is 4 years, on maturity the fish develops black shades around the eyes as well as a series of blue and yellow stripes. It also changes color during the mating process. They grow up to about 15 inches.

Mandarin fish And at number 1 is the Mandarin Fish. The mandarin fish or mandarin dragonet, is a small, brightly colored member of the dragonet family. The mandarin fish is native to the Pacific, ranging approximately from the Ryukyu Islands south to Australia. It is one of very active and peaceful aquarium fishes in the world. Mandarin fish makes rapid movements in water. It is quite small of up to 2.6 inches, feeds on small worms and ocean isopods. The average life span of mandarin dragonet is 15 years. Due to its strict eating habits it said that this fish is difficult for aquarists to keep in aquariums.