Top Ten Deadliest Fish

We might have often seen stickers on some aquariums when we visit any aquarium shop or exhibition that deadly fish are present or warning venomous fish. So this means people do like to keep fish that are deadly or venomous. Now you may already have known some of these fish but what are the top 10 most deadly fish in the world that you don’t know and are found in rivers and coastal regions around the world. Watch this top list video and find out what are those fish and what makes them so deadly.

Goonch fish
At Number 10, Goonch Fish.

Goonch Fish is from the family of catfish and is known for its threatening attacks on humans. This fish has become so vicious because of the fact that it has been feeding on funeral corpses that are put in the Kali river running between India and Nepal and it has developed a taste of human flesh. Among these Piraiba and Wels catfish also from the family of catfish, are very dangerous fish and large sizes of these fish are known to swallow humans. These dangerous varieties of catfish can reach size of 5 meters or more and weigh up to 150kg. If anyone gets into a river and gets attacked by these catfish varieties then they could be history.  It’s because that it is very difficult to get out of the hold of these muscular fish and their strong pull can drag you deep down to where chances of immediate rescue may be very slim.

Electric ray
Number 9, Electric Ray

Electric Rays are group of flattened cartilaginous fish with large pectoral fins. They are known to produce electricity from 8 to 220 volts depending on the species. They usually use this lethal weapon to hunt prey and keep away predators. There are several species of electric rays out of which marbled electric rays can produce 220 volts which is sufficient to knock down a human unconscious. Electric rays are usually found in temperate oceans near the ocean floors and their outer cover looks similar to ocean floors which help them to keep away the predators. So beware of this fish before you start to play near any ocean shore.

Lion fish
Number 8, Lion Fish

Lion fish also called zebra fish, firefish, turkey fish or butterfly-cod is genus of venomous marine fish, called Pterois. They are very popular fish kept in aquariums. It is however known to be a dangerous marine fish due to its venom which can cause breathing problem and nausea in humans. Its stung is extremely painful also. Lion fish has showy pectoral fins and sharp spines packed with this deadly venom. They are usually found near Indo Pacific Oceans however they are now wide spread in Atlantic ocean as well due to very few predators  like lion fish’s deadly venomous spines.

Electric eel
Number 7, Electric Eel

Electric Eel are not true eels despite its name, but is a member of the neotropical knifefish order, which is more closely related to the catfish. These fish are found in rivers of Amazon and Orinoco River and are extremely dangerous. Electric eels have 5000 to 6000 electric organs called electrocytes which can produce electricity up to 600 to 860 volts and current of up to 1 ampere which it uses to stun prey and defend themselves from predators. In humans such shock can cause heart failure and can result in death. It is discovered that when agitated, they can produce these intermittent electric shocks over at least an hour without tiring.

Number 6, Piranha

Piranhas are another predatory fish often kept in aquarium. I have also kept small sized piranha in aquarium. Piranha, especially red belly piranha are very dangerous. They are often found in South American rivers and many other lakes and reservoirs around the world. Usually red belly piranha feed on carrion, fish, crustaceans and seeds but when they are hungry and food is scarce then they eat on anything they find. Group attacks of red belly piranha are dangerous and there are several such incidents that have occurred near Rosario and rivers of Brazil. Red belly piranha have such a sharp teeth that it can bite any flesh in seconds leaving only the bone remains. Also when a steel wire was tested in red belly piranha’s mouth and result were shocking, it cut it into two halves.

Bull shark
Number 5, Bull Shark

Also known as Zambi Shark or just Zambi is another predatory fish with specialized kidney that helps them to thrive both in marine and freshwater. Bull sharks are known for its unpredicted attacks along the river banks and attacks on humans are numerous. Usually larger bull sharks are more aggressive and vicious attackers. Bull shark bite can be up to 5914 Newtons or more indicating that their attacks can be very lethal. They are found along coast and rivers around the world and you may not know where they slay their next prey. So do consult the locals about this fish before you go into the river or coast.

Great white shark
Number 4, Great White Shark

Also known as the great white, white pointer, white shark, or white death is a  fearsome predator of the oceans. Great white shark has around 300 sharp teeth in several rows in its mouth and has much stronger bite than the bull sharks. There are about 403 great white shark attacks on humans since the 15th century. They don’t have much interest on humans but if they want the meal they attack anything. Great white bites are lethal and can cause death. They are found in the coastal surface waters of all the major oceans.

Number 3, Stonefish

Stone fish is bizarre looking fish that resembles corals and crusted rocks. Stone fish upper dorsal has 13 spike with needle like sharp spines that holds a deadly neurotoxin venom which are very fatal for humans. Most often divers who step onto a stone fish gets this venomous liquid injected into thei rblood. It causes swelling, difficulty in breathing, vomiting, diarrhea and paralysis. The venom of stone fishes can be also fatal without proper treatment. They are mostly found in coastal region of the indo-pacific and also found in some rivers.

Puffer fish
Number 2, Puffer Fish

The Puffer Fish is rather a beautiful fish, different species of this fish comes in different shades and color. Most puffer fish have a deadly toxin called tetrodotoxin that are very fatal for humans and can kill anyone in few minutes. This dangerous toxin are found in puffer fish liver, kidneys, eyes, spikes and even ovaries. Puffer fish defend itself by swelling and protruding the spike from the body surface. This spikes has a very deadly poison that is dangerous to most animals. The puffer fish poison has no effect on large predators like sharks but they are not often considered as prey because of their poisonous body parts. There is no antidote to puffer poison yet. Puffer fish is also consumed as delicious meal called fugu in countries like Japan where experienced and certified chefs who know how to cut out the poisonous parts and the cook nontoxic part in a proper manner. A Puffer fish variety called northern puffer has no poison and is consumed in North American regions.

Box Jellyfish
And at Number 1 is Box Jellyfish

The most deadly fish in the list is the box jellyfish. Box jellyfish is known for its cube shaped structure and some species of box jellyfish has such a deadly venom that the venom in single animal can kill 60 adult humans in minutes. They have 15 tentacles on each side of the body that can grow to about 10 feet in length and contain about 5000 stinging cells. They usually wrap these tentacles around the prey or possible threat and deliver the deadly venom through the stinging cells. Box jellyfish is known for its notorious stings to human and many people die of box jellyfish stings each year. Mild stings don’t affect much but if stings are deep and on large area then it can be fatal and kills the human in two to three minutes if untreated. Due to their cubical shape they can also swim faster than normal jellyfish. They are found often in coastal indo-pacific oceans and tropical and sub-tropical oceans around the world.

Now some bonus information about deadly fish and creatures are Candiru Fish, known for sucking blood by entering the genital organs. Moray eels for sharp teeth attacks, Manta Rays for devils horn attacks and other creatures like sea snakes, stingrays and blue ringed octopus are also deadly creatures of oceans and rivers. That’s it for this list tell me which one of these is most deadly in your opinion, let me know in the comments section below.