Hatching Brine Shrimp

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Feeding your fish live food Hatching brine shrimp. Hello everyone. This is Brinegar. Raleigh of fish keeping jamaica asked me to shoot a piece on the easiest live fish food, sea monkeys or brine shrimp. Brine shrimp or Artemia salina are very easy to hatch. What you need I mix eight tablespoons of pickling salt Read More

Aquarium Do Nots Top 10 For Beginners

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Aquarium do nots I’ve noticed a kind of pattern of mistakes that people make when they’re first starting up aquariums and I wanted to give you my top 10 aquarium do nots starting at….. Number ten Do not use detergents and/or soap or anything with oils in it to clean the inside of Read More

Thoughts On The Fishkeeping Hobby

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The Fishkeeping Hobby Fishkeeping. We’re going to start out by looking at my Gourami tank here. But we will probably make our way around the room a little bit and look at a few different tanks. I just wanted to share some thoughts about the hobby of fish keeping. And I use the word hobby Read More

What to Feed Your Fish

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What to Feed Your Fish Fish food, fish food, fish food all fish need to eat food. Before I turn this into like some weird kind of haiku poem let’s go ahead and take a look at some of the stuff that I feed my fish right now and we also have a little package Read More

Pets You Should Never Release Into The Wild!

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Do Not Release From Giant Goldfish to cute chameleons, here are 10 pets, some of which are part of the aquarium fishkeeping hobby, you should never release into the wild… 10. Green Iguanas Iguanas are a popular pet for collectors of exotic animals because of how cute they look and supposedly they are easy to Read More

Plants for the Aquarium

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Plants for the Aquarium Plants for the aquarium. Planting live plants in an aquarium does much more than just improve appearance. Plants also provide shelter and food and prevent green water. Plants also absorb carbon dioxide and waste products, contribute oxygen and promote algae growth. Aquarium lighting is important if you want to successfully grow Read More