Plants for the Aquarium

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Plants for the Aquarium

Plants for the aquarium. Planting live plants in an aquarium does much more than just improve appearance. Plants also provide shelter and food and prevent green water. Plants also absorb carbon dioxide and waste products, contribute oxygen and promote algae growth.

Aquarium lighting is important if you want to successfully grow your plants. 12-14 hours of light is needed daily, as in nature. How much light an aquarium needs is often a matter of opinion but about 3-5 watts per gallon usually works well so try different types of lighting to ascertain which most benefits the plants.

Plants also require nutrients to grow healthy and green. Everything works side by side in a well planned tank, so keeping plants fed is no big deal. Nutrients for the plants come from the fish in the aquarium, although you can add more if needed. Fertilizer supply is easy too! Plants naturally use fish waste as fertilizer. Too much fertilizer in the tank can cause algae growth problems, so best err on the side of caution and avoid adding anything extra. The majority of plants thrive in water temperatures between 72 and 78f and a PH of between 6.8 and 7.8

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Snails are another natural part of the upkeep of the overall wellbeing of the aquatic environment as they clean plants of food and small algae as they go over leaves and foliage. However rapidly increasing numbers can become a problem and spoil the appearance of the tank. Disposal though is very easy – simply float a lettuce leaf on the surface to attract the snails and then dispose of everything with the help of a net.

Before placing new plants in your aquarium rinse them thoroughly in warm water to remove any foreign bodies that you don’t want in invading the aquarium. Healthy plants display firm leaves and have solid roots, so look for this when purchasing. Avoid any that look unhealthy or smell strangely; these will probably not thrive in your set-up. Please bear in mind that younger plants generally adjust better to replanting . To promote healthy new growth remove dead leaves as soon as they become apparent, being careful to avoid root damage.
Aquatic plants help keep your fish healthy and secure and are a beautiful addition to your aquarium.