All About the Clownfish

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Hi guys and girls, I’m ReefMan – and this is all about the clownfish. There are about 30 species of clownfish. They’re spread out into two different genuses all in the same family. So we have the Premnas genus, which is only one species, the maroon clownfish. Now all of the rest of the clownfish Read More

It is Very easy to Breed Some Marine Fish

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Some marine fish are very easy to breed It is Very easy to Breed Some Marine Fish. This is a Banga, a cardinal and it’s a mouth brooding fish. And this particular one has got a full big gullet, full of either eggs or babies. So these fish are very very commonly Read More

How to Start a Saltwater Reef Aquarium

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Start a Saltwater Reef Aquarium So you want to start a reef aquarium? Well you are in luck! Youtube exists, and there are about 50 million videos on how to get started. This article isn’t so much a step-by-step how to, but rather some practical tips to think about before you get started. I’ve been Read More