How to Breed Bristlenose Plecos

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Breeding Bristlenose Bristlenose Breeding breeding bristlenose. So today we are going to talk about breeding bristlenose. Now I know I’ve been doing multiple videos on breeding so you are thinking what makes you the sex expert. Well I have no idea. I just know a little bit and I’m just gonna try to share with Read More

It is Very easy to Breed Some Marine Fish

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Some marine fish are very easy to breed It is Very easy to Breed Some Marine Fish. This is a Banga, a cardinal and it’s a mouth brooding fish. And this particular one has got a full big gullet, full of either eggs or babies. So these fish are very very commonly Read More

Aggressive Aquarium Fish Top 10

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The Oscar is an aggressive fish. The Snakehead is an invasive, aggressive fish. The Red bellied Piranha is the most aggreessive fish. Aggressive aquarium fish Aquarium hobbyists often make the mistake of keeping wrong tank mates that often fight or kill the other fish. It happens when you keep an aggressive fish in the aquarium. Read More