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Everything You Need to Know to Start a Freshwater Aquarium

Starting Up a Freshwater Aquarium Complete guide on how to set up a freshwater aquarium. This is a guide where I’m just gonna go over basically everything you need to know. That is why I don’t film downstairs. I’m sorry if there’s screaming in the background I have three birds and they’re loud. so for

How to Survive an Aquarium Power Outage

Today I want to teach you how to survive a power outage. Obviously there’s lots of ways, there’s lots of videos. What I want to bring you today is a kit you can make that sits underneath your aquarium on a stand, waiting for you to need it. So get yourself a tote, something that

How to Set up a Freshwater Fish Tank With SafeStart+

How to setup a freshwater fish tank with fish in it using SafeStart+. No waiting. We’re talking about freshwater tropical fish tanks. Now this is my fish tank. It’s brand-spanking-new. It doesn’t look too good because the water is a little hazy but the first thing that I do when I’m setting up a fish