It is Very easy to Breed Some Marine Fish

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Some marine fish are very easy to breed

[WPXperVideo id=35 ] It is Very easy to Breed Some Marine Fish. This is a Banga, a cardinal and it’s a mouth brooding fish. And this particular one has got a full big gullet, full of either eggs or babies. So these fish are very very commonly bred in marine aquariums (ad) and it would be very easy to create a separate little circumstance enable to ought to raise these young and we found one of the best foods for raising these young. He’s grinding up a little bit of spectrum. You grind it into a powder and the young fish do actually eat it so there they are. A very really quite easy fish to breed and raise in an aquarium.

Quite rewarding and well worth doing but it will never happen in an aquarium like this because this aquarium is so busy with so many hungry mouths. When they do release their babies they’re all just going to get snapped up and eaten straight away. So you have to set up a separate tank and the separate tank has to be filtered by a sponge filter. Not a power filter which will suck the babies in and kill them.