Keeping and Breeding Gourami fishes

Top 10 facts and care guide for gourami fishes I am going to tell you something about the gourami fishes. I had a dwarf kissing gourami in my aquarium and you know it was a calm, bit shy and interactive fish. It always comes in front when I approach the aquarium however becomes shy after

Reef Aquarium Temperature Control

Reef Aquarium Temperature Control We do our best to help you guys, members of the reefing community enjoy your tanks and find new ways to explore the hobby. We do that by following the set up and progression of this 160 gallon reef tank. This week we are going to talk about temperature control. We

Top 20 Most Beautiful Fishes in the World

Top 20 Most Beautiful Fishes in the World Beautiful fishes remind us of the unique creations of nature that exist in oceans and rivers. There are some really exotic and beautiful fishes that exist in the world. They have their own unique features and habitats that they live in and often kept as beautiful pets

Make Your Own Aquarium

Make Your Own Aquarium So today I’m going to be showing you guys exactly how to build a glass aquarium. Let’s get started right away with what supplies you’re going to need. Ok, so some of the materials are pretty straight forward. Obviously we are going to need silicone. I’m using GE silicone1 window and

How to Care For and Breed Bettas

Let’s talk about the betta fish. Now the betta fish is a very popular among fish keepers and beginners alike. The only downside to this is that a lot of beginners don’t really know what they’re doing with the betta fish or they’re misinformed about how to care for the betta fish and so they

Aquarium Water Plants : Beautiful, Easy, and Low Cost

Let’s plant some fresh water plants for your aquarium tank. We will discuss the type of plant that is easy to obtain, at a very affordable price, and easy to grow in fresh water without the help of CO2 injections. Before discussing the types of plants, I will answer these two questions. The first question:

Aquarium Fish Tank Water Changes

today we’re going to give you the ultimate guide to water changes. So we’re going to go over basically all the reasons why we do water changes, we’re going to give you information on the effects of nitrates and some solutions. The things you can do around your tank to make sure your fish are

Top 10 Aquarium Cleaners or Bottom Feeders

Many keep aquariums at home and big offices. But sometimes the aquarium becomes dirty due to algae growth and other waste that forms in the aquarium. This problem can solved by either cleaning your aquarium or bringing in some of the best aquarium cleaning organisms. So I (Advertisement) introduce to you the Top 10 Best

Top Ten Deadliest Fish

We might have often seen stickers on some aquariums when we visit any aquarium shop or exhibition that deadly fish are present or warning venomous fish. So this means people do like to keep fish that are deadly or venomous. Now you may already have known some of these fish but what are the top

How Do Nitrates Affect Coral Coloration

Today we are talking brown corals and here each week we answer your questions related to reefing. This week we are answering aquaticnut86’s question “How and or why do higher levels of nitrate turn your corals brown?“ Today we are going to answer that question as well as take a larger look at SPS coral