Choosing Your Aquarium Fish

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June 6, 2018

Choosing Your Aquarium Fish

Aquarium fish. Here are some points to bear in mind when you are selecting your aquarium fish:

Check the health condition of the fish very carefully. If you look closely you can check out both visible and the not so apparent condition of the aquarium fish. Firstly, you must study the body of the fish. Scrutinize the scales and the fins. The scales should be shiny and smooth, whilst the fins should be undamaged and open. Sometimes fish do not appear ill, but they might have internal problems. You can tell that is so if the fish is either too sluggish and spends most of its time at the bottom of the tank, or conversely it seems hyperactive and is always darting all round the tank in an apparent frenzy.

Then you should next check the nature of the fish and its compatibility with other fish in the stock tank. Do not pick a fish that fights a lot with other aquarium fish. It will be hard to maintain as it will often become injured and you will be unable to keep it with other fish in your aquarium. Mind you, it could be kept with another of its own species, preferably of the opposite gender as this could cause it to calm down!

Ask the retailer about the potential size of the fish because you must consider the size of your aquarium here. Maintain one inch of fish size to one gallon of water. You should bear in mind not just the present size of the fish, but be aware of the size it will attain when it becomes adult.

Aquarium fish are temperamental, so ask the Retailer about the natural environment of the fish, as to whether it is a type you will be unable to keep with the other fish in your aquarium. Mind tropical water or temperate water species. That will tell you the temperature range that you will have to maintain.

Lastly, you might select tropical fish according to the food they eat. Different fish have different food requirements and some are very finicky when it comes to eating. You should make sure that the food your fish wants is easy for you to obtain and that it is not going to be too expensive. Always have a stock of the foods your fish eat.

These are five things on which you can base your selection of fish. By adopting these methods there is a much less chance that you can go wrong in your choices, and your tropical fishkeeping experience will be a good one.

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