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Colorful Tropical Fish

Most colorful tropical fish Colorful Tropical Fish. There’s an incredible variety of fish within the aquatic world to choose from. Many colorful freshwater fish are compatible with one another as tank mates. So this allows the hobbyists to create a rainbow of colors within their aquariums. In this video I will be looking into the

How to Breed Bristlenose Plecos

Breeding Bristlenose [WPXperVideo id=37][WPXperVideo id=34 ] Bristlenose Breeding So today we are going to talk about breeding bristlenose.  Now I know I’ve been doing multiple videos on breeding so you are thinking what makes you the sex expert. Well I have no idea. I just know a little bit and I’m just gonna try to share

Aggressive Aquarium Fish Top 10

Aggressive aquarium fish. Aquarium hobbyists often make the mistake of keeping wrong tank mates that often fight or kill the other fish. It happens when you keep an aggressive fish in the aquarium. Aggressive aquarium fish are often carnivorous and eat other small fish in the tank. You may be keeping this aggressive fish for

Kuhli Loach

Kuhli Loach: Bottom Feeder Aquarium Fish. Today’s Species is about a fish that I never get to see. I don’t know if you guys have any of these, but I want to talk about a species that is great for a plant tank. They root around in the roots and substrate; and it is always

10 Ways to KILL Your Aquarium Fish

Look I’ve killed fish you’ve killed fish we’ve all killed fish but these are my top ten fastest ways to kill your aquarium fish. Ways to kill your fish quickly like avoiding the nitrogen cycle and not letting the beneficial bacteria build up. You gotta let it build up folks. People try to rush their

Pets You Should Never Release Into The Wild!

From Giant Goldfish to cute chameleons, here are 10 pets, some of which are part of the aquarium fishkeeping hobby, you should never release into the wild… 10. Green Iguanas Iguanas are a popular pet for collectors of exotic animals because of how cute they look and supposedly they are easy to take care of.

Choosing Your Aquarium Fish

Choosing Your Aquarium Fish Aquarium fish. Here are some points to bear in mind when you are selecting your aquarium fish: Check the health condition of the fish very carefully. If you look closely you can check out both visible and the not so apparent condition of the aquarium fish. Firstly, you must study the