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Aquarium Do Nots Top 10 For Beginners

Aquarium do nots [WPXperVideo id=43] I’ve noticed a kind of pattern of mistakes that people make when they’re first starting up aquariums and I wanted to give you my top 10 aquarium do nots starting at….. Number ten Do not use detergents and/or soap or anything with oils in it to clean the inside of

It is Very easy to Breed Some Marine Fish

Some marine fish are very easy to breed [WPXperVideo id=35 ] It is Very easy to Breed Some Marine Fish. This is a Banga, a cardinal and it’s a mouth brooding fish. And this particular one has got a full big gullet, full of either eggs or babies. So these fish are very very commonly

Beginner Rainbow Fish Top Five

Top 5 Beginner Rainbow fish Today we’re going to be looking at the top 5 best beginner rainbow fish. Or basically just an excuse for me to film some rainbow fish. So stay tuned. We’ll start out real quick with just some real easy basic tips on how to get the best color from your

Fish Room Auto Water Change System

DIY Fish Room Auto Water Change System Over the last few years I’ve accumulated. . . a number of aquariums. I’ve got a 220 gallon display tank. Seven 40 breeders,Two 55s, Six 10s,and a 33 long. So I find myself doing a lot of water changes. And I have a job, and a family, So

How to Reseal an Aquarium

Hey everyone how are you. Today i have an empty tank behind me. What we are going to do with this tank here is that we’re going to reseal it.as we’ve noticed that the integrity of the silicone is really not holding up the par.  there’s a lot of bubbles within it and within the